E-Academy 1.2 NULLED – Online LMS & Live Streaming Classes (web)

E-Academy is a reliable platform that can be a solution to all your problems related to online courses and course management activities.

We are all in the midst of a pandemic and there is no doubt that these difficult times are affecting us all. Due to the crisis we are in, all education centers have been closed, and teachers and educational institutions have established connections to ensure that the studies continue and students do not lose their education.

But there is a problem… taking and managing online courses is not an easy task, and even a small problem or obstacle in online courses can seriously affect students’ work and results. That’s why we developed E – Academy, an online classroom and course management system, for convenience and ease in running online courses, managing online tutoring courses and all other classroom-related activities. online which can easily cause headaches to both students. and teachers.

Designed by highly experienced and qualified developers, E – Academy is an online platform created for private tutoring classes, trainings, agencies and other educational institutions. E – Academy not only provides convenience and convenience by conducting courses online, but also offers you options to manage courses, provide online guidance, take online assignments/tests/exams and also give results.

E-Academy Features

Admin Features

  • Login
  • Manage Front End
  • run the party
  • Manage Course
  • manage themes
  • manage questions
  • Create exam papers (practice, essay)
  • Manage teachers
  • Manage extra class
  • Manage students
  • Upload video of the conference (Youtube links)
  • Manage notification
  • manage gallery
  • Manage upcoming exams (gap)
  • New user interface
  • participation
  • Uploading questions using Excel
  • Live class (zoom)
  • performance chart
  • License management
  • certificate

Features for students (on the web)

  • Login
  • see notice
  • Take exams online
  • See additional class schedule
  • Homework
  • See video conferences
  • see space

Features for Teacher

  • Login
  • add question
  • View papers/exam results
  • extra class
  • Upload video of the conference (Youtube links)
  • see notice
  • Manage business from home
  • View your progress

Download E-Academy

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