PowerMTA 5.0b1 – High Volume Email Delivery

PowerMTA 5.0b1 is industrial high-volume e-mail delivery software. Designed for performance, deliverability, and manageability, PowerMTA ™ can consistently deliver millions of email messages per hour. It provides granular control over resources, IP address forwarding and domain policies, thanks to its highly configurable capabilities and VirtualMTA technology.

Why as PowerMTA Email Delivery Software?
Sharp Focus – What sets the PMTA apart from other alternatives is its clear focus on email delivery. “Do one thing and do it well.” It is the ideal solution for a best-in-class solution with third-party CRM software, campaign client applications or custom e-mail applications.

Easy to run and manage: PMTA comes as a simple executable for Linux and Windows. It runs on any hosting platform from dedicated hardware to cloud-based virtual machines. The web interface can be used for configuration and monitoring.

Industry Standard – More than 70% of Email Service Providers (ESPs) use PMTAs to support their email delivery infrastructures. PMTAs are also used by many small senders, marketing agencies, and businesses to provide fast, secure, and reliable email delivery.

Download PowerMTA Email Delivery Script

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